Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear 2024 by Kevin Wikse


Kevin Wikse Merry Crisis Happy New Fear 2024

Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear everyone! Welcome to the nightmare that will be 2024. In a last-ditch and desperate effort NEVER to be held accountable for their ongoing and ever-increasing psychopathic crimes against humanity before hurdling head-long across the 2030/Magnetic Pole Shift Global Catastrophe finish-line (when much like the morning of 9/11 most will forget about what was admitted to on 9/10) and to secure the near and total end of the human species forever, our Global overlords are set t unleash all manner of "horrors beyond imagination" to keep the public in a crippling state of fear and persistent agitation. 

Old Plagues are new again. Bird and Monkey might be in fashion this season. But weaponized Ebola/Marburg Virus is the chosen favorite of the elite. Swine-flu? Maybe... it's a dark horse, but a few big players secretly put some big money behind it. 

WW3? That's a near guarantee. A favorite of the old guard and a delectable choice. CCP/China is swinging for the fences on this one. The Biden Administration is fully leveraged by the CCP and will make the American Military a proxy army for the Chinese Red Terror. Confucius says, "win-win" as both Russia and America beat themselves bloody, depleting America's defense reserves even further (all the shit we gave to Ukraine isn't coming back), moving troops OUT and overseas, leaving America vulnerable to the Chinese soldiers PRESETLY coming IN from Biden's open borders. 

Speaking of open borders. An array of new and fun cultures utterly incompatible with Western Civilization for the Liberal Left to love and adore are currently pouring in the guise of military-aged men keen on violence, rape, and murder. These foreign insurgents will be recruited, and their violence will be incentivized to act as the stand-in Neo-Liberal Street Army. The left of today is literally a screaming mob of fat-ass retards and waifish pasty weaklings who can't take 10 steps without needing a 30-minute breather or falling prey to sight breezes. Factor in the Vax injuries, and those blue hair fuck pigs are essentially the walking dead. The Democrat Party will need criminally minded deplorable DISEASED sociopathic assholes from other countries, promised universal income, and full access to all the white women they want, if they fight against the native-born American Patriots, 

The CIA caught covering up COVID-19 Vaccine records? At this point, that is the least of our worries. The 5G, nanotech, and DNA "krispr" like gene splicing is now permanent. YOU WILL EAT THE BUGS! As I predicted YEARS ago, insect DNA will be hidden in food, and with the vaccine, that DNA will be spliced with the human DNA of the vaxed. Hive Mind/BORG, here we come. Resistance is futile? Maybe if the women of the neo-left looked like Jeri Ryan's "7 of 9 " instead of Kathy Kinney's Mimi Bobeck. Ugh! FULL SPECTURM RESISTANCE activated! DO NOT engage sexually with the vaccinated. VAIDS/shedding is passed through sexual contact. 

Election Fuckery! Biden will likely NOT make it to the 2024 race. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage that decrepit dementia-riddled pedophile fuck. His son's links to pedophilia and child sex trafficking will also fully come out soon. They have to ditch those rotten sacks of shit as fast as possible before they become insufferable even to the Left, and believe me, that is a rare and dismal low. Look for Michelle *cough* Michael *cough* Obama to get a presidential push. 

Since the attempts at felonizing Trump and removing him from state ballots have been ineffective, look for assassination attempts and or false flag events to justify suspending elections (either is likely to cause armed civil conflict) if the Democrats/Communist Party feels as if they can't pull off a steal. If suspending elections and/or the Constitution is the play, I believe this would be Biden's final act before he is disposed of (many ways could happen, and assassination would be used to blame on Conservatives). 

More UFO disclosure, but this will remain in the background. As I predicted last year, 2023 was the beginning of the actual "UFO invasion," but it will remain a cold invasion until 2026.  

So much to look forward to! 

-Kevin Wikse 


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