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Kevin Wikse Christopher Alan Whiteley

1/11/24 *I am the first to suggest a Jaguar as a potential killer of Christopher Alan Whiteley. I want to state this upfront as the typical internet podcaster or blogger tends to give little to no credit or explain where their ideas stem from. Popularity, "likes, and subscribes" are their only real motivation. My reasoning for a Jaguar will make sense, and I want to honor where my idea came from as it has genuine real-world implications. 

I've found an interesting parallel between a man named Christopher Alan Whiteley and a topic I posted an article on in 2017 or maybe 2018, and in doing so, I became a principal and often cited contributor to the narrative known as the "Dog Woman of Watts." I raised some eyebrows when I speculated that perhaps the Dog Woman of Watts was potentially an agent of retribution. I conducted a phone interview with a man named Clifton. He was an eyewitness to the Dog Woman and shared proximity to the rumors that circulated in the aftermath. Namely, that Dog Woman of Watts had interacted with a notorious local Pimp before his death. 

This Pimp was known for his violence and callousness. Clifton said the Pimp disfigured women's faces and body parts, carving and slicing his name or derogatory slurs into their skin. He'd mark these women as his "property," making them feel that no other man would want them. According to Clifton, rumor had it that the Dog Woman had spoken to that Pimp. What was said? I don't know, and neither did Clifton. The rumors Clifton heard state that the Dog Woman approached the Pimp on the street, words were exchanged between the two, and the Pimp ran. He was found dead a day or two later in his house. 

Dead from what? I don't know. "Found dead" is all I know. Other than this instance, my research has not found any other injuries or property damage surrounding the Dog Woman of Watts. 

As I stated in my investigative piece about the Dog Woman of Watts, I am an initiate of an Afro-Cuban spiritual tradition, Palo Mayombe, and the New World Afro-Caribbean religion of Voudo, all three threads of it, Haitian, Dominican, and Puerto-Rican. Acts or arts of Vampirism and Lycanthropy, also known as skin leaping, while not regularly spoken of, occupy a darker space on the outskirts of each tradition's framework.

Vampirism and Lycanthropy are focal points of what is often blanketly termed "Bizango," or spiritual regiments both criminal and extreme. Within Bizango societies, acts such as vampirism or shape shifting (Lycanthropy, Skin Leaping, or Skin Walking) into animals to attack or eat people are established practices. How does that work, or what does that look like exactly? I can't tell you.

However, from what I know, what I have been told, and pictures I have been shown of these practices and individuals believed to be victims of these types of attacks, what happened to Christopher Alan Whiteley looks and sounds similar to what supposedly happened in Watts and what is said to take place in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

I won't pretend to know Christopher Alan Whiteley. He certainly had the lion's share of legal troubles from what has been written about him. But, by all accounts, he was turning his life around. Christopher was finding success and going places. 

I need to make it crystal clear that I do not place Christopher Alan Whiteley in the same category as the Pimp in Watts. Both men committed wrongdoing and evil deeds. But I feel strongly that Christopher Alan Whiteley had not sunk into the level of depravity the Pimp from Watts had. From my narrowed speculative perception of who or what the Dog Woman of Watts was, the supernatural and paranormal elements suggest an entity of retribution or an entity attracted to individuals with troubled circumstances.

Texas is not Haiti. I don't propose a Bizango sect operates in or near Lipan, Texas. However, Texas is home to a vast tribal history, rich with its tradition of metaphysical practices, some of it on par with the darker "horror movie" aspects of the Bizango. From 2017 to 2023, I spent considerable time in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, immersing myself in the Curanderismo, Diabolism, and Brujeria—all spiritual traditions deeply rooted in the local native cultures that took on obvious Spanish/European influences.

Skin-walker is now a well-known but vastly misunderstood phenomenon told from the lens of the Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni native cultural perspectives. In Cortez, Colorado, I met a medicine man who was a keeper of a Crystal Skull he claimed was cast by the ancient Inca. He enlisted the protection of another very different medicine man. This man stated that he was an actual Skin Walker. To join the Skin Walker Lodge, he told me he sacrificed his firstborn son, engaged in cannibalism with the other members, consumed his baby alongside them, and then tested out his powers by transforming into an "evil dog" and murdering his baby's mother. He also claimed to be a hitman for native "mafias" and tribal governments. 

I don't know if there was any truth to what he said or if he just meant to try and scare me. But I can say that he possessed a metaphysical understanding concerning skin-leaping or Lycanthropy, which translated to nearly the same barred secrets kept by Bizango sects. Secrets as such are in no book. They are not found through a Google search. He was just as surprised about my knowledge of Lycanthropy as I was about his. There was an air of legitimacy that surrounded him that much can be said. 

It is somewhat common knowledge the CIA funded fringe and paranormal research projects. The more base and dim-witted Americans would believe that the CIA discontinued their study and didn't simply rename specific projects and hire outside private research groups (owned by and staffed with CIA operatives). I encountered representatives of a few of these research groups who, for unspecified reasons but in my educated opinion, I'd guess for military applications, sought to enlist me for consultation purposes. Skin Walkers were of particular interest to them. 

The location of Skin-Walker Ranch, I would suggest, is little more than a black-budget research facility, and any tourism or reality TV shows associated with the area are cleverly scripted PR smokescreens with the benefit of financial gain. 

Why bring any of this up in relation to the murder of Christopher Alan Whiteley? I wanted to lay a framework for my more "fringe" speculations. 

But first, from a more empirical standpoint, Christopher Alan Whiteley likely could have been killed by a large cat—a cougar or mountain lion. The problem is that the wounds left by the assailant are too large to be from a cougar, the attack came from the front, and not the back, mountain lion tracks are absent, and there are zero reported sights of cougars in Hood County, Texas. 

I suggest another potential feline culprit. 

2017, I was recruited to observe the El Paso, TX /Juarez, Mexico border. I have seen with my own eyes the legions of migrants who have come through the TX, NM, and AZ border crossings, and that was before the Biden Administration ended Title 42. A fair number of migrants had trekked thousands of miles north, up through South. America. They would tell me about the Hungry Ghosts that stalked them through the swaths of jungles and forests. Hungry Ghosts gaining a taste for human flesh. 

The Jaguar. 

Jaguars have larger and more powerful jaws and are significantly bigger and stronger than the North American cougar. They do not tend to leave as many signs of predation behind as they can kill bigger prey quicker than the cougar. Christopher Alan Whiteley's body was dragged or potentially (accidentally) dropped from above into a dense thicket (Jaguars can haul big kills up into trees like Leopards) for later feeding. 

I believe it is possible a Jaguar who hunted humans as they migrated North from South America, now with a taste for human flesh, crossed into Lipan, Texas, and killed Christopher Alan Whiteley.

Texas and Arizona seem to have a politically motivated interest in downplaying reports, sightings, and documented evidence of Jaguars and Panthers. This vested interest might be why the Tarrant County Medical Examiners. were so eager to wash Christopher Alan Whiteley's body, eliminating the chances of using DNA to identify Christopher Alan Whiteley's killer. 

Circling back to my more "fringe" hypothesis, I find some, albeit slightly stretched, parallels between Christopher Alan Whiteley and the Pimp from Watts. If there were injuries on the Pimp's body, I don't know about them or what they were. I was told he was found dead and "soon" after his encounter where he and the Dog Woman exchanged words. Christopher Alan Whiteley was the target of a frontal assault. It is speculated Christopher Alan Whiteley was aware that he was about to be in a fight because his shirt was removed before the attack. He might have even known his attacker, but that is pure speculation. 

No animal tracks were found anywhere near his body or where it is believed the initial conflict took place. There were shoe prints, though. There are no animal tracks, but his injuries are well within the realm of animalistic—claw marks on his upper body and his throat/ jugular, ripped, bitten open, and crushed between the jaws of a sharp, large-toothed creature. This rules out Sasquatch or Dogmen, as they are always in animal/beast form and would leave animal tracks. 

I am reminded of the self-professed Skin Walker I met in Cortez, Colorado, who also claimed to be a hitman for native criminal syndicates and Tribal Governments. 

Christopher Alan Whiteley had been in and out of correctional facilities for a significant portion of his life. In addition, he was reported to have been abusive toward women. Did he draw the ire of a native gang or the parents of a girl he abused? Did someone pay an individual like the self-professed Skin Walker in Cortez, Colorado, to kill Christopher Alan Whiteley? 

In the same vein, if the rumors about the Pimp in Watts are true, and the Dog Woman of Watts was some avenging entity or Skin Walker equivalent who, for whatever reason, made a public display of its hybrid form, why? Was it to send a message? She didn't physically attack the Pimp, as something physically attacked Christopher Alan Whiteley. Did the Pimp die of fright? Poisoned? Other supernatural means?

Might Christopher Alan Whiteley have been an opportunity-killing? An initiate Skin Walker looking to test their new power, just as the above-mentioned Skin Walker claims he did by transforming into an "evil dog" and killing the mother of his sacrificed son?

If the research of the CIA or some other Defense Contractor group, be it DARPA or Lockheed, etc, finally yielded fruit and unlocked the power of Lycanthropy, it's no stretch of the imagination to suggest field testing its military capabilities in real-world situations against, in their view, disposable people, having a supply of scared, confused and desperate migrants to hunt would be an ideal situation. 

Hell, you don't know where over 85,000 missing migrant children are here in the US, so what are a couple hundred or so dead migrants in the jungles, forests, or deserts of Mexico? Maybe one of their militarized Skin Walkers moved up on Christopher Alan Whiteley. 

Since we are already down this peculiar rabbit hole of high strangeness, it occurs to me that Christopher Alan Whiteley's death could have come from a source similar to the Anyoto or Leopard-Men Society of the Congolese. The Anyoto made up a brotherhood, a witch-doctor warrior elite who dressed in the skins of Leopard, were believed to transform into Leopards, and had their secret system of martial arts, employing weapons made from or to greatly resemble Leopard claws. 

In this postulation, not only do we have the potential for yet another Skin Walker situation, with a maybe a Jaguar Man who came up through the border from Mexico and South America. The Aztecs had their order of Jaguar Knights. A secret cult or society of Jaguar Knights or warriors, legitimately connected or at least claiming lineage to the original Jaguar Knights, fits nicely with most other modern-day secret societies. There wouldn't even need to be a supernatural element here, but a human who attacked and killed Christopher Alan Whiteley using weapons made from Jaguar teeth and claws, or so resemble them, that telling the difference is very difficult as in the case with the Leopard Men of Congolese. 

I have difficulty believing that someone did not take a DNA sample from Christopher Alan Whiteley's injuries. However, I have no problems thinking that the results of that DNA test came back as Jaguar or human or there was no DNA because Christopher Alan Whiteley was attacked with a weapon. All three findings would be highly problematic for Law Enforcement, as they all serve to highlight the border crisis eventually. It would be much easier to rule his death as "accidental due to injuries sustained by an animal attack." 

There does seem to be a bizarre set of circumstances surrounding Christopher Alan Whiteley's murder, as well as a noticeable rush to a "mostly plausible" conclusion and pushing this case as deep down the memory hole as fast as possible. I am obviously of the opinion that there remains much to unpack regarding Christopher Alan Whiteley's death. I am open to further speculation, and should something more arise or be uncovered, I'll likely be covering it. 

-Kevin Wikse


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