The Demon Guland WARNS Ebola and Denver is CONFIRMED by Kevin Wikse.

Kevin Wikse Ebola Denver

It takes about 5 minutes of research to discover that I have been sounding the alarm regarding a weaponized Ebola outbreak for at least 5 years now. This, in addition to being the ONLY, and I mean ONLY, psychic/medium/occultist to have predicted EVERYTHING regarding COVID-19, the vaccines, the smartphone tracking, the Chinese connection, etc. I did this through my conjurations of the Demon Guland, who, as I have described many, many times, appears as a vampire and or bat. 

In one of my videos, I stated there would be an issue with the 2020 elections due to a pandemic. This I posted in EARLY 2019.  NO SERIOUSLY, from 17:00 to 21:00 the Indios LAY OUT NEAR EVERYTHING THAT IS JUST ABOUT TO HAPPEN. They were speaking through me so loudly. I was hearing so much I couldn't fully place everything, and also the term "COVID" wasn't coined yet, so they used Ebola. VIDEO

Let me be clear. No other medium or psychic did this. You are right. I harp on this. Why? Because results are results. I will not have the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE tradition I and my Temple practice and support be adopted by others who are not part of my Temple. Not all traditions or practitioners are the same. 

Many of you, and I have been public about this, know that I have stated that there is a direct link between Ebola/Marburg and the mural in the Denver Airport, specifically linked to the African woman in the coffin. Each of the three women in coffins refers to a great plague "born from them." 

On 1/19/2024, the Demon Guland appeared in my lucid dream and boasted about how Ebola was now achieving a "gain of function" once undreamed in Denver. He directed my attention to the African woman in the mural. 

*She is lower left side. 

The Demon Guland told me, "From the grave, the pleas of birthing pains pass through long-dead lips. A billowing of living death rips out from between dry, rigid hips. Bloody and broken (feathers?), you will all cough, sputter, and spat, the miasma above you, shed from the wings of a bat.

The Demon Guland also pointed to the "ebo" of Ebola. Ebo means sacrifice in African traditions. I know he refers to the altar of sacrifice to Molech (Molech is not African, but Guland's meaning and intent were clear. 


"In 2012, I started having a recurring dream about one of the murals in the Denver Airport. Three women in coffins. A Jewish woman, a Native American Woman, and an African Woman. Intuitively, I knew these women not only gestated life but within them, somehow, was incubated a pandemic to eradicate the living. Looking at the African woman, I hear the word "Ebola" whispered to me."

-Kevin Wikse

"Meanwhile, a new $12 million, U.S.-taxpayer-funded lab is being built in Fort Collins, Colorado, just 65 miles north of Denver Health, where healthcare workers received the Ebola vaccine "in case of a future outbreak."

The lab will import bats from around the world and experiment on dangerous diseases, according to The Daily Mail. 

Proposals for the 14,000 sqft facility indicate the lab could store and study some of the most deadly or transmissible pathogens on the planet, including Ebola, Nipah virus, and COVID-19.

The project is a collaboration between Dr. Anthony Fauci's old department at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Colorado State University (CSU), and EcoHealth Alliance (EHA).

EcoHealth is the controversial New York-based research group at the center of the COVID lab leak theory led by Dr. Peter Daszak, who channeled millions of American taxpayer dollars to fund risky gain-of-function research on bats at the Wahn Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China."

-Kevin Wikse


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